The Passion of Dancing

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The passion of dancing grows like a seed. Give it a healthy soil, nurture it with care and allow time for the seed to transform into a beautiful flower. This is Momo Kadous' dream, to share his passion with you to make you grow into a beautifully talented flower.


He brings a woof of knowledge and is acclaimed and respected all over the world.


Dancers at all levels will gain valuable knowledge from Momo’s seminar and enjoy his expertise in the art of Egyptian dance. His teaching will always guide the dancer to be more sensitive to the music with regard to texture, harmony, mood, tempo as well as intensity. Being able to translate this into authentic dance movement with a  modern and creative presentation; that makes Momo’s artistry an unforgettable experience.


Let your passion live.

Let your passion grow.

Welcome to the world of Momo Kadous!


Join Master Teacher Momo Kadous and Team to his home country Egypt and spend an intensive week dancing, relaxing and having fun under the sun of Hurghada.


Master Teacher over 6 Continents.

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